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    When I go to Start here I go to the page league parameters and after I input all the information I then click on Generate Values, I get Dollar value: too many requried players foer selected league(s).
    I am trying to get to the grid.

    Thanks for your Help,

    Robert L Krahn

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    The 2011 projections aren't up yet (we're working on them!), so I'm not sure what the Custom Draft Guides would produce right now.

    The Tech Support guys do check threads in this forum periodically, but you might get a quicker response from following the advice in the Custom Draft Guide FAQs:
    I'm finding bugs in the output results. What should I do?
    The best thing to do is contact us directly at That's the quickest way to get word to us. Posting on the forums is not the optimal approach as our tech guys don't go there.
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      If you choose "2010 Year to Date" in the dropdown list instead of "Projected 2010", you can play with end-of-year values. But as Michael notes, there are no projections in the system now, so that's why you are getting this error if you submit "Projected 2010" requests.


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        Thanks for your help. I know the 2011 prpjections will not be out until Dec sometime.

        Robert L Krahn