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  • Help with Mack & the Grid

    While looking over my rosters after adding all the teams in both my AL & NL and then going to the Custom Draft Stats I have some bad readings I believe. he is listed

    Scott Sizemore is rated in the 5x5 as $14.00, using The Mack Team Tracker & Analyst going to the Run Reports he is also listed in the Players Link Database as $14.00 under the 2010 stats, but when I go to the Custom Draft Guide & run Generate Values after inputing the information I want, then I go to the Grid & under 2B he is listed NV, also when I check label Keepers he is still listed NV. Under Team Player Properties his salary is $1.00 .

    Now here are 3 players that their 5x5 numbers are less than their Grid numbers.

    Homer Baily shows $1.00 in 5x5 but the Grid number is $10.00
    Rick Porcello shows $6.00 in 5x5 but the Grid has him at $15.00
    Carlos Santana shows $2.00 in 5x5 and at the Grid $10.00

    The rest of my keepers look ok in both hitting Keepers and not hitting Kippers.

    Looking forward to what you come up with.


    Robert L Krahn

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    Robert, the Playerlink/MACK values are based on static league configurations: 12-team AL or 13-team NL, depending on what league the player is. It's entirely normal and expected that if you put your own league parameters into the Custom Draft Guide tool, you will get very different values. The Custom ones are the ones you want to give emphasis to, as (presumably) they reflect your own unique environment.

    What settings are you putting into the CDG?


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      Help with Mack & the Grid


      My League Paramaters are the same for both AL & NL.

      I start with AL then I hit both Load Settings & Save Settings

      Check Keepers
      I leave Bench Players,Fractional $, & Force Positions ALL Blank
      Projected 2010

      12 Teams

      League AL Valuation Method
      Top Players
      Budget 260

      Budget 66% Minimum Bid $1.00

      Positions Used All the same as listed.

      Scarce None

      Set Categories 5x5 Scoring Mode: Rotisserie

      Generate Values

      Thank You for lookig this over.

      Robert Krahn


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        Several things:

        You don't need to click Save Settings every time, unless you're changing your configuration. Just hitting Load Settings does the trick.

        Do you have your league's keepers defined in MACK, including salaries and positions? If not, don't bother with the Use Keepers? box, it won't do anything.

        As far as your value issues... I think you need to carefully check your settings and run again. I see:

        Porcello at $6 in the Full Report view, and in the <$10 cell in the grid (correct)
        Sizemore at $13 in the Full Report view, and in the <$15 cell in the grid (correct)

        Bailey at $0 in the Full Report view, and in the NV cell in the grid (correct)

        So, I think you may have an error in your configuration. Two notes:
        - do NOT use the back button in your browser after you're done with one league and want to re-run for the other. Use the "return to input form" link at the top of the page.
        - make SURE that when changing leagues, if you're checking one league box you uncheck the other! It sounds to me like you may have run a 12-team mixed report at one point, and that had some of these weird values.


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          In the Mack program I did put in both the salay and pos of each keeper.

          Thanks, I will run both the AL & NL again.

          Robert L Krahn


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            Help with Mack &amp; the Grid


            I am sorry to say, I cann't get the right numbers you get using the Grid even with all your help.
            I do have a few questions that my help me.

            What is the full report, & how do I get it?

            What does <$10 cell in the grid mean? I don't know what the < means.

            Since I am having trouble with keepers when I add them on the Grid, do you think it would be best if I just use my league settings and the go to the grid as a way to check prices at my drafts?

            Thank You For Your Time & Help,

            Robert L Krahn


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              The full report is the initial results screen, before you choose Grid, Positional Report, etc.

              The "<" means "less than". So, the <10 cell is essentially the $6-10 range.

              Keep in mind that if you're using keepers, that changes the values of everyone else, too. Why don't you run the grid without keepers, save the results or print them or something, then run it again and compare the values?


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                Keepers &amp; Grid

                Thank you for all your help

                Robert Krahn