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Mismatch b/w Forecaster and Playerlink data

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  • Mismatch b/w Forecaster and Playerlink data

    I noticed a mismatch in the contact % values between the Forecaster and the Playerlink page for Ian Stewart. The Forecaster shows 07-09 values as 81, 73, and 68 while the historical tab on his playerlink page shows 60, 65, and 68 for the same years. The Forecaster blurb references this trend directly, which is why the playerlink data was confusing. As a 2010 Ian Stewart fanboy I am just wondering which data set is correct so I know just HOW much I need to temper my enthusiasm. Thanks!

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    Playerlink includes only MLB data, Forecaster includes MLEs in its calculations. Since the delta is 2007-08 when Stewart played a lot in the minors, that's very likely the explanation.


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      Thanks Ray. It makes sense and I appreciate the quick response (even if I was hoping for something that painted Stewart in a more positive light).