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Why no content this week?

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  • Why no content this week?

    Hey guys. I love Baseball HQ. Just curious why there hasn't been any main page articles since 1/30? The new users guide says the following:

    "Beginning the first Friday in December, there are at least three new columns each week; this increases to eight weekly columns by early February."

    BTW, I LOVE Baseball HQ!
    "Don't waste your time or time will waste you."

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    The new columns appear on Friday this time of year.


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      More specifically...

      - Another big update this Friday (8 articles!)
      - some of our daily content starts up next week (Buyers Guide, Speculator, Gaming strategy)
      - by Monday the 22nd, we'll be ramped in news coverage too, with the Fact/Fluke column going daily, and Playing Time Today going to 2x/week (and then PTT goes daily in March).

      Basically, as camps open and the amount of stuff to write about increases, we ramp up own coverage as well.

      This is just the calm before the storm.


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        I just went gold and am never going back. I bow down before the greatness of Baseball HQ!

        Thanks guys.
        "Don't waste your time or time will waste you."