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  • Projections for holds

    When will projections for 2010 holds be included in the projections dattabase?

    holds were present at the beginning of December (were those for 2009).

    Howeve, holds have not been present in the projections for the past few weeks.

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    The ones that were loaded in December were really just leftover from last year. We zeroed them out rather than mislead anyone.

    It's really impossible to come up with any kind of decent projection for holds until the player movement settles down a bit. We should get to that point later this month.


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      Agree. It's hard enough to project Saves; Holds is next to impossible.

      I play in four leagues, three of which use Saves+Holds, instead of just Saves. You can be relatively successful going for high BPV, high DOM middle relievers who have 7th or 8th inning roles. I've been able to finish middle of the pack in H+S's each year by just rostering cheap middle relievers and not those nominated as closers at the beginning of the year. Inevitably one or two become closers as the year progresses.