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    in the past I asked why SX was not included as a metric in the "historical" tab under player links. I was told, it was a spacing issue and not everything could be in there. If this is the case, my suggestion is to remove OPS and replace it with SX. OPS can easily be determined by just adding the OBA and SLG which are both listed there. SX on the other hand, can't be determined from the other data.

    just a thought

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    There's a Playerlink (and site) redesign coming which should free us up to show more data.


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      ok, cool.

      any idea if the custom draft guide info will also be expanded somehow? this one seems pretty packed with info already but I would LOVE for the new +/- breakout score to be in there so I can transfer it alongside players into excel. Not a huge deal, just wondering. Thanks.


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        I'll check, but I don't think the +/- score has made it onto the site at all yet (you're referring to the score from the Forecaster, right?), which makes it a bit of a bigger project.


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          yes, the one from the Forecaster. Sounds like maybe next year for that. No prob. Thx.