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Posters deleting own posts?

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  • Posters deleting own posts?

    In this thread someone apparently deleted his post which makes the responses to it ambiguous.

    I don't think that someone should be able to retract a post because they were put down, had a hissy fit, or just put their foot in their mouths. Or just didn't like it (though one of the other options appears to be true in this case based on what was quoted). I was under the impression that all you could do was delete the text of the post via "edit;" then again, I've never felt the need to delete anything so I never looked for a way to do so.

    I feel that mods should be the only people deleting posts, and then only for offensive content. Once a post is out there, it should be out there.

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    Well, you pretty much have to allow someone to edit their own posts to correct misstatements, remove typos, or just tone down something that was offensive in retrospect, right? If you're going to do that, then there's not much difference in allowing someone to delete the entire post versus removing all the text.
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      Originally posted by Astros34 View Post
      Once a post is out there, it should be out there.
      Just out of curiosity, why is it that you feel this way? It's actually one of the only times in life where, if you have regretted what you've said, you can actually "un-say" it. I understand that for the flow of a thread, it can sometimes be confusing, but are there any other reasons you believe it shouldn't be allowed?
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