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  • Custom Draft Guide & starting pitching

    I'm in an AL-only, 12-team, 23-man roster 4x4 league. When I use the custom draft guide, well more than half of the pitchers that it claims are draftable are relievers when that's not the behavior of my league. Ideally, I'd just say great, I'll take the bargains that the table leaves for me, so I guess I'll buy lots of relievers. The trouble is that I'll need at least 3 starters to meet minimum innings pitched requirements.

    I've never figured out a good way to solve this. I suppose I could just use IP as a 5th pitching category, but there's something theoretically unsatisfying about this. Any thoughts?
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    Same kind of thing in my league. I know unless a MR has a good shot at closing, I could have my choice of the best MR and since CDG does say they are more valuable, I will most likely draft them. I think if you use the grid you can just bump up some SP who will be taken and lower the MR who you will not want to draft. I think you need to have some plan on how many of them you will want to roster, since you don't want to be so far out of whack with your league, but it is possilbe that is where your advantage will lay.


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      But being out of whack with your league might give you a decided edge. If they all spend willingly on subpar starters, and leave valuable MRs for you, it seems like you'd be better off drafting accordingly than revaluing to reflect the errnoneous assumptions of you leaguemates.
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        Yes, but I still need at least 3 dependable starters or 4 starters if they include some injury risks or else I end up trolling for starters from the free agent pool to make sure I get enough innings. I understand that it's telling me that middle relievers are underpriced, but I can't completely fill my pitching staff with them.
        "I made baseball as fun as doing your taxes!" -- Bill James on The Simpsons


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          It's something I'll note for the future. I'd love to support an IP requirement if the optimization can be arranged simply and robustly for the variety of pitching catgegories.
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            Note to Rob

            I agree. It would be great if the value calculator supported an IP requirement. Most 4x4 leagues have an IP requirement.