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Casey Janssen 3/6 projection

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  • Casey Janssen 3/6 projection

    Looks to be a bit off to me. For some reason, with his decidedly mediocre stats, he's winding up as the #4 pitcher in RotoLab, after only Santana, Peavy, and Webb. So I don't know if there's something there in the projections causing that, or if it's a RotoLab problem, but I suspect you might want to take a look at the projection.

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    Our current projection doesn't look like it would cause that, and I don't see the same results in Rotolab for Janssen with the latest projections. See if you manually edited his projection or something like that, in RLab.


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      My bad...I was looking at a league with a very quirky setup, not one with a standard roster/statistics. In a standard league, things are fine. I think the issue is the 40 holds he's projected for...