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    While reading over the different questions, I see very little about the Mack Team Tracker. I for one enjoy working with it, either to look over trades or keep track what to look forward for my team & others.
    What are the plands for the Mack Team Tracker for the 2008 season & beond?

    Thank You,

    Rober L Krahn

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    The MACK is one of HQ's biggest enigmas. It is perhaps the most powerful tool on the site, however, the great majority of subscribers do not use it. Part of the reason is that it's not a terribly intuitive interface and does require a small learning curve. Another part of the reason is that, given it was designed in 2001, it is a little buggy in some current browsers and on some systems. Since it requires that your teams be stored in cookies on your own computer, there are also often firewall issues when folks try to use it at work.

    For the past few winters, we have had plans to do an overhaul to increase its functionality and ease of use but other priorities have kept us from doing anything more than a few tweaks here and there. Rest assured, however, that we have grand plans for the tool, ultimately tying it in to PlayerLink and the custom draft guide to create an integrated engine unlike anything else on the web. I hope to begin the upgrades this coming winter so that more people can at least gain the rudimentary benefits that MACK offers. We'll build from there.
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      Thanks for the informatuion, it sounds good about your reworking this program. I know I use it a lot.




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        The best utility, I think, is inputting each roster right after the draft.
        Run the numbers, and make printouts.
        That tells you a LOT about who you might want to make quick trades with.

        As noted, many of us may find that the rosters disappear the next day.
        Sometimes I can adjust one roster but not another, etc.

        I'd use it more if I knew the rosters would be there when I returned....
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          I don't quite understand why it has to be cookie-based. If I am away from my home computer I can't look at my teams remotely. I can understand not having server space to handle everyone's teams, but why not have it create a file on your own computer that could be ported to a flash drive?

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