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    Is there a way to track threads on the forum or "star" them?

    For example, say I really like a thread and it has some information I want to consider at a later time. Is there a mechanism that will allow me to star it, or mark it in some fashion so I can come back to it later. Also this would be useful for keeping a list of "starred" threads. Trying to remember titles to search it or search user posts for the same purpose is cumbersome.


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    Maybe the techies know of some other way to do this, but I generally just bookmark the thread. I have a file of "HQ Threads of Interest" which I name (so that I know what they are when I refer back to them). Its not quite the same, but it does the trick.
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      You can subscribe to them. Then in your "User CP" there's a "List Subscriptions" link. To subscribe to a thread use the thread tools menu at the top of each thread. You can choose to receive an email for each new post, daily or weekly updates or none at all. You can set the default for this choice in the User CP under "Edit Options", "Default Thread Subscription Mode".
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