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Adding RAR to the custom draft it possible??

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  • Adding RAR to the custom draft it possible??

    Being a scoresheet player, I rely on RAR pretty heavily......I also think the layout of the custom draft grid is a great one shot look at the draft board......would it be possible to add RAR as one of the parameters when setting up your draft guide, or adding it as one of the icons that you can click once you go to the draft grid and it puts the number up right next to the players name.....I think scoresheet players would love this...thanks


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    I want to second the motion presented by domb23 regarding the RAR in the custom draft grid. I know the majority of fantasy baseball enthusiasts play by 5X5, or a similar variation, but there is a large # of HQ subscribers who are involved with a sim league similar to that of Scoresheet Baseball. I think that all of us sim leaguers would greatly appreciate the addition of the RARs. It would eliminate a great deal of what I like to call "Excel shuffling" of my draft lists.
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      Another vote for RAR. It would be nice if it were calculated over combined NL-AL replacement value (at least for hitters) as I know of few (if any) sim leagues that use just one league. Maybe an additional column or an option to calculate it that way? It occurs to me that scoresheet leagues would probably want league-specific RAR.

      For pitching it actually makes more sense to have RAR calculated league-specific.

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