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    Each year I subscribe to an ESPN online league purely for one of the reports that the league provides. That report is player movement within all the leagues that ESPN hosts. It's called the Added/Dropped report. I find it to be an excellent safety net if I've missed a report on an injured player, change in playing time, a hot new callup, etc. I.E. using the "market's" intelligence is a powerful tool, in Rotisserie as well as many other disciplines.

    I believe that BHQ experimented with this one year. Is it still available on the site somewhere? If not, can we bring it back? The one-stop shopping would save me the cost of the online league.

    Do others out there find this tool valuable?

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    I think some of the market watch writers have cited ESPN data in the past as a rough indicator of the market perception of whether a player is valuable. I don't recall it being available on this site though.
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      One of my leagues uses All Star Stats/Rotoworld for the standings. Rotoworld has the same feature. I have to imagine that Sporting News, CBS Sportsline and Rotowire do as well.

      The recent move to updating projections daily will be an interesting one to watch. I wouldn't hold my breath for HQ to attempt to replicate those other sites offerings.

      HQ has a history of not trying to provide those "up to the minute" daily tranny type of tools, knowing that other providers spend way more time and resources on them. They have not previously tried to be "all things to all people" but rather specialized tools for a more discerning audience.
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        It never ceases to AMAZE me how quickly someone in this forum will post important news when it happens. The Forum is an excellent source for that kind of thing (made that way by all the generous souls who contribute).

        This post LINK is a perfect example!
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