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  • Managerial Tendencies

    If I remember correctly there were a series of articles about managerial tendencies
    for the teams that had managerial changes last year. I found those very helpful in assessing stolen base opportunities, handling of relievers, etc.

    This came to mind because of the assertation in todays column that Kenny Lofton
    was going to a team (Texas) that did not run nearly as much as his former
    team (Dodgers). With Texas changing managers, I wondered about whether
    that organizational philosophy toward not attempting stolen bases would continue
    or if Lofton might get the green light more often than Texas had done in the


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    Good point, daburt.

    Texas is more of a home run park so one guesses that most managers would be less inclined to try small ball / one-run strategies like attempting steals. Obviously, your question deserves a closer analysis than that though.
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