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  • Player Stats and projections

    For the past 4-5 years at least....the player projections and current statistics on HQ were given in Excel format. This was WONDERFUL and extremely useful for compiling lists and sorting players for drafting purposes. Currently, the projections/stats are not in Excel format for sorting. A) Will the new projections for next year be in Excel? and B) Since I am a little obtuse with different text formats, can someone tell me a way to transfer the current file format to an excel document so I can review last years stats?

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    These files (CSV) will open in Excel, my computer actually opens them with Excel by default. You can then save them as Excel files and rename them if you wish. There is no need to transfer the current format, Excel should open it with no problems.


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      Eyeguy, I had the same problem.

      Check this thread about halfway down for some instructions.