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    I've seen some references to the fact that the stats that are currently available for the 2006 season are final, but I'm concerned about their accuracy. There are some players that appear on one data list but not another. For example, Mark Bellhorn appears on the "NL Bat Current" page, but does not appear on the "NL Batters" page. The same scenario applies to Tony Batista, he appears on the "AL Bat Current" page, but not the "AL Batters" page. Should we be waiting for an official final version of 2006 stats before organizing our personal data. Basically I was just wanting to add G/L/F data to hitters' stats, but was finding this missing information.


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    Okay, now this is strange. The players I gave in my examples above and in my other thread now appear in the spreadsheets that give G/L/F data, but they now do not appear in the other spreadsheets (NL Batters and AL Batters).


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      Sorry, my mistake, players haven't switched which report they show up on. They are both still missing from the NL and AL Batters reports, they are only showing up on the report that contains G/L/F data.

      Sorry for the confusion.


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        It appears that if a player is currently classified as a Free Agent ("FAN" or "FAA") in the Playerlink Database (such is the case with Mark Bellhorn and Tony Batista), then they do not show up on their respective league's stat reports for 2007. However, they still show up on the NL Current and AL Current reports.