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What the heck is Reff% ?

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  • What the heck is Reff% ?

    The MW article for Cleveland relievers today makes a mention of Reff%, a stat I've never heard of and which isn't in the glossary. I even searched the forums for "reff" and apparently no one has ever talked about it. The article of course gives no explanation. My guess is "reliever efficiency." although I'd have no idea how it's calculated. Can anyone enlighten me (and presumably, us)?

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    This is from a 2003 Post.

    Bullpen Effectiveness (REff%)

    (Wins + Saves + Holds) / (Wins + Losses + SaveOpps + Holds)

    A measure of the effectiveness of relief pitchers in pressure situations. How often does a relief pitcher contribute positively to the outcome of the game? Repeated positive impacts on game outcomes breeds managerial confidence, and that confidence paves the way to Opportunity.
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      Thank you!


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        I was about to post the same question, thanks for asking Gantner.

        I'm surprised to learn that holds are part of the equation, we don't hear much of that stat around here.
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