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    Why does it seem like it takes nearly half a season before players that start to receive additional playing time, in-season, have there projected stats reflect reality?? For example, Jose Bautista is only showing 62 projected AB for the rest of the season and M. Kemp is only projected at 129 AB yet everything that I read says these two guys should be starting the rest of the year. J. Kubel is only projected for another 153 AB but is starting everyday and is expected to for the foreseeable future. Any insight you can provide on these questions and the projections in general would be appreciated. It just seems like things like this make it very difficult to use these projections for things like weekly lineups or trades. Thanks again.

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    I have noticed that as well... It makes sense to me that the skills projections are slow (or careful) to adjust, but IMHO the PT projections are a bit too sticky.


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      I agree with your objections, which is why I never look at those....
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        Seems to me like this question is directed to BBHQ.
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          These look like valid examples of guys who need adjusting, I'll pass them along.