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What's wrong with this thread.....

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  • What's wrong with this thread.....

    Check out this thread by thfenn. The first several posts are listed as fenn but it seems someone else might have made them? Is there a "user-to-post" problem?
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    It took a couple of reads to get what you were saying but yeah, that is really odd.

    Perhaps th has an issue he's not telling us about? Multiple personality disorder anyone?

    Maybe only one of his "personalities" thinks he's in Uganda. Maybe his other "personalities" actually live in Perth Amboy.
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      I'm opting for a split personality. Obviously TH has several different "people" in one body all of whom have access to the HQ site. He really should have warned us however.
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        That's pretty messed up. I'll pass along to the techies.


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          hm... pretty weird. The orig. post was *not* made by thfenn... but all the replies were from thfenn. I don't know who the origional post was made by. Not sure what caused that.


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            correction.... after looking into some logs - this was definetly thfenn that posted both of those... except they were from two different IP addresses.

            nto sure what that's all about? definetly that username posted it though.