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  • Glossary suggestion

    Here is a suggestion for us new users...

    In your articles, it would be great if everytime you referenced one of your HQ stats (PX, SX, BPS, SBO, etc.), we could click on a link that would pop-up a window with a definition of the stat. I know there is a glossary link on the left navigational bar, but there are SO many new stats to learn that it would make it far less daunting of a task if we were able to simply click on a stat to learn what it means. As a new subscriber, I know this would make a huge difference in my enjoyment of the site.


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    I went through the same thing as a new user. Whether or not HQ heeds your suggestion I want to say "hang in there" clears up after a while and becomes second nature. Pick a few of those at a time to learn and then build from there.

    Best, -Mark
    "The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step." Translation: Try to learn something new every day.
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      I remember my first introduction to the Forecaster and HQ stats. I was at an auction draft an a guy was flipping through the book. I took a few glances and didn't understand any of it, but it looked interesting. I signed-up to the site largely as a way to figure out what my competitors were up to (at least 1/3 of my leagues uses HQ) and struggled with terms, but it really does become ingrained pretty quickly. Not that the suggestion is a bad one, but you won't need the links in the very near future . Good luck.
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        It Never Stops

        Even after years and years, I still find myself going back to the full explanations of some of the metrics, mostly when I want to do a custom calc on the fly. We never stop learning and rehashing and re-analyzing in the hopes of finding something new. Everyone has a different "comfort level" and it takes us different amounts of time and effort to get there.
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