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    Hi guys. I am a first time poster who feels compelled to write because I've been a little frustrated by the bugs that have crept into the projection files.

    I know that the new daily projection system is an ambitious undertaking and I really look forward to its successful implementation but in the meantime there are some problems that I hope will soon be fixed. First the little things:

    Same Player with 2 Names: Manny/Manuel Declarmen and C.J./Christopher Wilson
    Different Players with same Name: Alex & Luis Gonzalez. The old system of using Alex S and Luis A was much better.

    Missing Players:
    In the past, HQ has been good at keeping up with the players that have been promoted. This week they fell way behind. Here is a sampling of players who have hit the transaction wire in the past week and there are no projections for:

    Adam Hyzdu - OutfielderAngel Guzman - Starting PitcherBen Hendrickson - Starting PitcherBrian P. Wilson - Relief PitcherBrian Slocum - Starting PitcherCasey Janssen - Starting PitcherChad Gaudin - Starting PitcherClay Condrey - Relief PitcherCody Ross - OutfielderDavid Borkowski - Relief PitcherGreg Norton - Third BasemanHowie Kendrick - Second BasemanJeremy Guthrie - Relief PitcherJoe Nelson - Relief PitcherMartin Prado - Second BasemanMichael Tucker - OutfielderMike O'Connor - Starting PitcherRafael Perez - Relief PitcherRyan Spilborghs - OutfielderShaun Marcum - Relief Pitcher
    Another service is making HQ look bad in this area because they already have projections for 14 of these 20 players and by the time they update on Tuesday, they are likely to have all of them covered. HQ should set a goal to match this level of comprehensiveness.

    Inconsistent Key Field Structure:
    One of the main tasks that I perform with these projections is that I link tables within HQ and with other services. This has become a nightmare over the past couple of weeks because of the ever changing and variable nature of this key field. Here are some of the ways players names are expressed throughout HQ:

    Last Name, First Initial
    Last, First Full Formal Name
    Last, First Full Nickname
    Last,First (no comma)
    Last and First Split into 2 separate fields
    Last,First Initial. (period and no space)
    First Last

    HQ would be doing database users a tremendous favour if they would assign each player a consistent unique name and stick with it through the end of their careers.

    I'm sorry that my first posting on this board is to complain about things. I do think HQ is a fantastic site. I just want it to reach its potential.


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    Rook... Looks like those missing players are my fault. We have projections for all of them, but apparently I ran a subroutine to update the projections file before I made sure the new players had been added. We are always on top of that - this was an odd week as we continue to learn some new processes with the new system. Those players will all be added next Thursday night.

    The rest of your issues are being addressed by our tech folks.
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      Thanks for responding so quickly. I know that this week's projections were very unusual for HQ and not up to your typically excellent standards. It's reassuring to know that the missing players were a result of human error rather than a change in the process. Good luck with the upgrades to your new system.


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        I also thank you for fixing this stuff quickly. I love the quick feedback on this site. That said, Mike Stanton also appears to be missing from the projections for some reason. Could you please add him when you get a chance? Thanks...


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          For the BBHQ daily Current YTD Stats and Projections, webpage says "Updated: 2006-05-01" but the stats for Sunday, April 30th games are *not* included.

          When are the daily current YTD stats usually updated ?

          Daily stats are a great feature (love that GB/FB/LD data) but hopefully update status will be verified prior to labelling stats as updated.


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            Also some players info in not coming up at all. Jason Lane in one example. There are other players as well. I have tried the Player links on two different computers and have had the same problem.
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              Originally posted by fallensparrow
              Also some players info in not coming up at all. Jason Lane in one example. There are other players as well. I have tried the Player links on two different computers and have had the same problem.
              It's not really blank: just scroll down a page to see Lane's information. We're having a formatting problem with some players under Internet Explorer, as described here.


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                I fixed Jason Lane. There is a combination of systemic formatting issues along with individual player formatting issues -- Lane was one of the latter so it was an easy fix. The hard work on the systemic issues is being worked on by our tech team.


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                  Thanks for taking the time to answermy query guys.... I know it's got to be time consuming getting all this info on yout site.
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