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how about putting projections back in Excel

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  • how about putting projections back in Excel

    I'm not the most computer savvy guy in the world, and I'm completely lost since you put the files in csv. How hard would it be for you to add the excel format to the projections.

    BTW, when I tried to copy the csv files to my excel sheet, it copied the file to mt first 3 worksheets. I am totally confused.

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    You don't copy the .csv file to an Excel worksheet. You open the .csv with Excel, and save it as .xls format.

    On most computers, just opening the '.csv' file itself will start up Excel. If not, start up Excel and select "File, Open." The dialog has a number of choices for the file types to display in the dialog box. The default is "All Microsoft Excel Files", but further down the list you'll see "Text Files (*.prn, *.txt, *.csv)." Use that to display your '.csv' file so that you can select it and open it.

    You can then treat it like a worksheet (resize the columns, etc.). Then, when you want to save it, use File, Save As, and next to "Save as type", select "Microsoft Office Excel Notebook." You now have an '.xls' version of the original '.csv' file.