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How can we tell when weekly projections are posted?

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  • How can we tell when weekly projections are posted?

    It used to be we could check that the weekly projections are updated by looking at the date posted in the files themselves. From what I can see, that date stamp is now gone. Other than looking at selected players to see if things have changed, how can we tell when the Friday update has happened? This can happen Thursday evening, Friday morning, Friday afternoon -- we can never tell.

    I realize you are moving to a daily-update procedure, but the projections page still says that they get updated on a weekly basis in-season. But there is no direct way to tell when that weekly update is done. / @NickRichardsHQ

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    The projections have been almost always been updated on Thursday nights, except in a few odd circumstances. That said, daily updates are imminent, in which case the files will all be updated every morning at about 4 AM ET, from what I've been told.
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      So.....are this week's new projections up yet?
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        And is there any reason BBHQ can't put a "last updated" time stamp at the top of each projection file?

        I understand that at some point the update schedule may become more reliable, but I don't see the harm in using the time stamp to remove any confusion - such as Thursday nights when we are sitting around wondering if the numbers have been updated yet.

        Please add those time stamps.
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        Runner-up: 2003, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015
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          OK, so this morning I'm trying to figure out if the projections have been updated. Since there is no way to tell other than to peer closely at the data, I tried looking up some players who had playing time yesterday. Derrek Lee is not updated yet, but maybe you haven't processed his injury fully. I then look at Scott Linebrink who played yesterday, and I've found an error:

          On his Playerlink page, you do include the 4/20 game where he gave up 3 ERs in 0.2 IP. Since that is up-to-date, I assume the Projected Balance of 73.0 IP for the rest of the year is up-to-date. I then check the NL Pitch Proj file on the 2006 Player Projections page and, sure enough, he is projected for 73.0 IP the rest of the year. Maybe the weekly update has occurred, despite Derrek Lee being out of whack.

          However, back on Linebrink's Playerlink page, he is shown with 8.0 IP to-date, and that is correct. Yet the NL PITCHERS projection file says he has 7.0 IP to-date, which is wrong. But the NL Pitch Current projection file says he has 8.0 IP to-date. These files are not in sync.

          Furthermore, Linebrink's Playerlink page says he has a 4.93 ERA in those 8.0 IP to-date. That is wrong. He has a 4.50 ERA in those 8.0 innings. The Playerlink page correctly notes that he has 8 IP, but it seems to have skipped the April 3rd game where Linebrink threw a scoreless inning. If you take that inning out, you get the 4.93 ERA. But you also get 7 IP.

          It's as if the calculation of ERA came from the Game Logs (Last 14 Days) which does indeed include 7 IP of information, skipping the 4/3 game. Yet it does list 8 IP to-date. Right innings, wrong ERA.

          In sum, for Scott Linebrink:

          Playerlink page: Actual to Date has right IP, wrong ERA.
          NL PITCHERS HTML: Doesn't have last night's game.
          NL Pitch Current HTML: Right IP, wrong ERA.

          Can we please have confirmation when the weekly (daily?) projections have been completed for today, Friday? At the moment, what I'm seeing tells me that things are not done, and might possibly be in error.
 / @NickRichardsHQ


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            Sounds as if there are a few IT bugs as they redesign the system....
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              I'm sure that's the case, and understandably so. All I'm asking for, besides tipping them off to possible problems they may or may not already be aware of, is for them to post a note when this week's updates are done. If they are already on the daily update schedule (despite that it still says updates are being done weekly on the site), then I would like for them to post a note when this day's updates are done.

              As of Friday morning at 10am ET, they were wrong.
     / @NickRichardsHQ


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                It certainly would be a nice convenience to return to the past practice of date stamping (ideally also time stamping) the posted projections, both for the CVS downloadable files and for the HTML pages.
                Likewise, it would be nice to see some kind of date stamp for the posted depth charts.
                Again a big thank you to the bbhq folks for all your great work in revising the databases.


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                  Yes, while when everything's working smoothly the nightly 4am assumption will hold, but when the inevitable glitches occur, it would be great to have a date stamp confirming the updates have occured.
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                    If you had not noticed, we are now date stamping the projection pages. ( Everything is updating daily now as well )