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    We NEED to get the weekly planner "last week" up and keep it up each week.
    Since you are online and we move around, downloading files is not always best.. very often in our daily leagues we are making decisions on fri/sat ON fri sat.. and poof they are gone..

    please fine a way to put up the last weeks planner, or overlap the weekends in the planner.

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    The archives have been restored.
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      quick question, there is a lot of data for the hitting. both on pitcher and hitting side:

      could we add a column or two that uses last year's convention of offensive ranking? and defensive ranking for the pitcher's team. (some offensive vs defensive combination index?)
      i know it is simple but in the interests of time.. it may be good.


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        I liked the ranking last year as well. An alternative would be the RC/G Index (100 is average) which might be a little more "universal" and not so dependent on "rank" and "bunching".... 4.76 vs. 4.58 doesn't send a real strong signal to me as to what's "favorable" or 'unfavorabale".
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