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Johjima Missing in Custom Valuator?

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  • Johjima Missing in Custom Valuator?

    Is Kenji Johjima missing in the Custom Valuator? Anyone know any other players who are missing? I use the Valuator list as my draft list, and any missing players would obviously have an impact. Thanks!

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    another player who's MIA

    Uggla (FLA) is missing from MACK
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      Originally posted by TMac
      Uggla (FLA) is missing from MACK
      Is not. I just brought up the MACK and he's there. Checking on Jojima though.
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        This isn't from the Custom Valuator, but I noticed in the standard Player Projection files, in both of the AL Pitcher files (text and .xls), that Bobby Seay has wrong data. He shows 44 IP for 2 game appearances, and thus a 79.6 BF/G. Either the number of games is wrong or the IP is wrong. / @NickRichardsHQ