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does the custom draft excel program work with a Mac?

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  • does the custom draft excel program work with a Mac?

    Hey, tried to cut and paste (why no excel download key, like in player projections?) the custom draft sheet to my mac's excel program and i get all the data in one column.

    Am I doing the trasfer incorrectly or does it not transfe to Macs?

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      It Could Be Your Browser

      I think this has something to do with what your browser passes along into the clipboard when you copy. For example, when I copy and paste columnar data like that from IE into Excel, it generally has all the information necessary to recompose all of it back into the structured format that it was in originally. However, when I copy then paste the exact same page from Firefox into Excel, it does what you're describing, or worse, it shoves it all into a single cell.
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        problem solved

        Mainsay, thanks.

        I was using Safari, tried the IE browser and all is well.

        damned komputer teknologie!