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    Great article on the LABR draft today by Dave Adler. I liked his plan to focus on pitchers with high gb% and Dominance, but when I went to sort the projections, gb% wasn't one of the categories. Any place to conveniently find them rather than enter them manually from the forecaster?

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    They will be in the projections file when we get in-season. We don't project those numbers, but they will be in the 'actual results' section, I believe. Until then, use the Forecaster.


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      Thanks, glad you liked the article!

      During the season, the actual GB/LD/FB data will appear in the player projections under the season-to-date section. For previous seasons (which I used for LABR), you can go to the projections archive (go to the player projection page; the archive is at the bottom) and get the actual data there.


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        Thanks. It was a very useful exercise. Its amazing how few pitchers actually exceed 40%g and 6 k/9. Might make me give a second look to Bautista and Cabrera. If they could just get their bb/9 under control, they would be in pretty elite company.


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          Right, when I first ran those high-GB%, high-Dom filters, I quickly ran out of viable options...I had to relax them a bit to get a decent list.