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  • Ron in ESPN The Magazine

    Hey Ron, what gives? I pay good money for what I thought was exclusive access to your strategies and advice. Why am I reading about xERA and contact rates in ESPN's fantasy issue under your byline? Frankly, I count on my competitors' use of the print pubs to keep them behind me in player evaluation. Like many HQ members, I peruse most of them and exploit the overvalauations and undervaluations that comes from the 'traditional' ranking methods they use. I think its only fair that you save the good stuff for loyal customers who have financed your success.

    I'm being a bit facetious because I realize that I get so much more for my money at HQ than anywhere else on the Web. Keep up the excellent work, please! But HQ's sabermetric approach has won me a few leagues and I'd rather come here to learn about it than see it in the waiting room of my doctor's office for free.

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      And this thread as well.


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        Fantasyland. Sam Walker. [Sigh]
        "As often is the case, GE is right." -- Davitt@HQ