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    Hi, I just posted this under roster management, but now that i'm looking at it, it might be better suited for this thread... Damn new guy...
    Anyway, here it is. Any help is appreciated:

    Hey everyone,

    I'm trying to wrap up draft prep for this coming weekend...

    What's up with the ABs on the HQ excel downloads? I am in a points based league so I downloaded the spreadsheet to plug in my formula (I'm in standard H2H points based on CBS). For 2B, this is the order from HQ... Utley, Loretta, Cantu, Kent, Durham, Figgins, Giles, Polanco, Cano, Roberts, and Soriano.

    I think it's weird to see Durham 4th while Soriano sits at 11, but I guess that could happen... But here's what I don't understand. Why is Roberts so low? Why is he projected at 459 at bats?

    Also, is there an equation that lets me do that math to figure out at bats lost to injury? If I'm reading the stats projection pages correctly, I see that Loretta should play 85% of his games at 2nd base and (logically) miss 15% of the games across the season. That seems like too much to me and I would like to adjust the stats to reflect him not missing any playing time. This way I can compare apples to apples and THEN take into account playing time projections and the risk involved.