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  • R$ Display in player history tab

    In the past the site used to provide both 5x5 and R$ one the historical tab when viewing players history. Recently the R$ is no longer displayed. I play in a 4x4 league. Is it possible to put R$ back in the displayed data? If not, say because there is not enough room to display it, would it be possible to let the user decide if they want to see 5x5 or 4x4 dollar values?
    11 Team AL only 4x4 260.00

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    Yes, I think we cut the historical 4x4 value for space reasons earlier this season, when we added some new metrics. The current-year YTD and projected R$ (4x4) are still visible on the General tab, or you can get historical 4x4 values using the Custom Draft Guide.