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  • Carson Kelly / Matt Boyd

    Ray - With Carson Kelly's fractured wrist - there has not been any decline in his 60% PT. Is that intentional - do you think he is and Moreno split time at catcher roughly 60/40 with Kelly getting the majority?

    I also don't want to be a broken record but I don't yet see any QS for Matt Boyd.

    On a positive note - the system seems to be running better - knock on wood.

    Thank you and go Zags

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    Ray - I do see in the depth charts that Kelly and Moreno's PT has been altered. Will there at bats and other stats be reflected in tomorrow's projections and Custom Draft Guide?? Thanks again.


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      Yes, the way the system works is that we can alter PT% projections throughout the day, and the resulting projection gets regenerated the next morning (unless I force it manually sooner than that). You can see on the site now that Kelly's projection line reflects the updated 10% PT allocation.

      I've been a little busy with the site performance problems the last few days. Now that those are resolved, I'll be able to get back to the Boyd QS today.