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  • Plate Appearances in Player Stats

    I asked for this a couple of years and you said it would come by the next season. The pandemic came and my request seemed to fall by the wayside. Many of the written columns refer to Plate Appearances and yet your Stats do not show them. I realize that only HBP, Sac Bunts and Sac flies are missing but still, it would be nice. My league has a Plate Appearance requirement by specific positions. Right now I take an ratio of PA to (AB&BB) over the prior three seasons to get a ratio to create PA. Most all other sites have PA. Will BBHQ get them too?

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    Yes, this is slated for the next/final phase of catching the site up to the changes/new metrics we rolled out in the 2021 Baseball Forecaster... I expect we'll get fully sync'd up with those (in addition to PA, there's QBaB and xHR/xSB for batters, and a couple of metrics on the pitcher side too) this offseason.