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A request for diacritical marks

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  • A request for diacritical marks

    This is probably a problem for vBulletin and not HQ, but I'm going to ask it anyway.

    It's high time that we had the ability to include letters with diacritical marks like accents and cedillas and tildes, given the number of players whose names contain these marks. It's a keyboard shortcut in most word processing programs, so vBulletin should get on it.

    If it already exists and a helpful vBulletin mod can tell us how to invoke it, I will withdraw criticism and sing hosannas.

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    Yes, likely a vBulletin issue. I'll nose around and see what I can find... today's not the best day for a rabbit hole, of course, but I'll bookmark this and check it out soon.


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      It seems that vBulletin does support ASCII alt codes (using the numeric keypad in Num Lock). See the Extended ASCII table on the right side in this link.

      However, you must
      • Hold down the alt key
      • Make sure the Num Lock mode is engaged
      • Use the numeric keypad
      • type a leading zero
      For example, the table shows "233" as the code for e with an accent and "241" as the code for an n with a tilde above it. So I make sure the NumLock is engaged, use the numeric keypad, hold down the ALT key while I type "0233" and "0241", and then I can type:
      Pédro Muñoz

      That said, a simpler way for me is to just type my text in MS Word and then Copy/Paste into the posting window.

      I'm typing this on a Windows 10 desktop computer.
      * 10-team AL-only, auction ($260 budget), 2 yr contracts wi/toppers, max 13 freezes, $100 FAAB with weekly auctions, 4x4 with hybrid categories
      * 14H/9P (+8 reserve draft), with liberal movement between active and reserve rosters
      * Hitting: OBP, HR, RP, SB+2B+2*3B
      * Pitching: ERA, W+QO+CG, S+H, 2*IP-baserunners, where QO = 5/6/8 IP with 2/3/4 ER or fewer

      "Still waiting on the Pasquantino hot streak."