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    Projection are constantly being updated as games are played. However, how often are players reviewed to see if they are reaching their numbers per PA. To that point, Soler has been horrendous but your projections show his skills only slightly down. There are a few others like that but Soler really stands out and until Monday morning, he is on my team.

    I guess I am asking how often are the players underlying factors reviewed and more than stat-line tweaks being made?

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    I generally take a hands-off approach to slow starters like Soler, and let the system handle the adjustments unless we know of factors that the projection system isn't accounting for.

    In terms of rate stats, Soler's Opening Day projection was .259/.341/.516. His current balance of year projection is .238/.315/.457. That's a pretty substantial markdown in rest-of-year expectations, because of his bad 164 AB to date.

    In short, the system seems to be working, which is why I take that hands-off approach.