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  • Keepers in Custom Draft Guide

    I'm inputting the keepers for our league into MACK and then running the Custom Draft Guide. Several players that I have marked as keepers with their salary are not showing as kept in the CDG with their salaries. Examples are Juan Soto and Christian Yelich from one team. Other players on that team are marked correctly. I've tried removing and readding the players and removing and readding the team.


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    For keepers to get pulled from MACK to CDG, following must all be true:

    - kept players on a team associated with the league in MACK (and the same league selected in CDG)
    - 'use keepers' box checked in CDG.
    - kept players have the 'kept' box checked in MACK.
    - kept players have a salary set in MACK.
    - kept players have a position set in MACK (don't set a pitcher to a hitter position or vice-versa, that will break keeper processing).

    Once this is all set up, kept players will be flagged with a 'k' in the 'kept' column of the CDG output, and the inflation savings will be applied to the rest of the player pool.

    If you're having problems with specific players not being flagged as keepers, double-check their position. Sometimes the default position gets crossed up between pitcher/hitter, and that can cause them to get missed.

    Hope this helps!


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      That got it. Some of the OF had been marked as P when added to the rosters.