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    I realize that what's done is done, but I much preferred the old reports. I enjoyed the notes on each player. The new reports have a nice graph but very little information on the players in the graphs.
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    Keep in mind, as detailed by Brent here (, that this year's format was a one-off due to the lack of a 2020 season. Appreciate the feedback for sure, but I'd expect something more akin to the old format going forward.


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      Was that part of the reason for not including organizational grades (insufficient availability of live smoothing) - overall, pitching, hitting, top end? Thanks.


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        Yes, that was certainly a factor.


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          I like the current format regarding the players in one list at the top with grades. I would add their ages to the table.
          So I suggest keep the table add the ages and then put the write ups on each player at the bottom next year.

          Thanks Raider65


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            Just checking about the AL and NL Central reports. Organizational reports section shows they would all be out by the end of this week. When can we expect them? Thanks


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              They're all posted (except MIN tomorrow), just look at the slideshow on the home page to see them. We need to catch up on linking them on the org report page, that's all.