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    The Electronic E-files of the Baseball Forecaster were nice, but it would have been helpful to include the team and/or the league in one of the columns. For people in an AL or NL only player league, it would be nice to be able to sort them accordingly. I realize there are players who are FA's or have switched leagues, but that would be easy enough to correct on an individual basis by the user. Does anyone else share this view? -DZ-

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    We intentionally keep the team info out of the book production process. Remember, these files were created in October/November. We're not adding the team info, as then it would represent that the projection was created with that team in mind, and it wasn't.

    The March 1 update will have team data included.

    And, if you're posting here, you're a BaseballHQ subscriber, so therefore you have access to the site projections, which have that info included, are updated every day, and are already for more current than the Forecaster data.

    Hope this helps!


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      Thanks for making the files available to us. Will the Skills files get added to the download list?




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        I wasn't planning on it... did we do those in the past? I don't recall that we did, but could be wrong about that.


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          I can confirm - I linked them to my file last year. Helped a great deal with early draft & holds!


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            Send an email to, I'll get them to you.