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  • CDG Keeper Issue

    I've marked keepers on the Team Properties pages, Associated the Teams to my league. However, when I generate my CDG, only about 60% of the players that I marked as kept have that designation in the CDG "Kept" column. Those missing are not all on the same team but spread out amongst the team. For example, Rhys Hoskins and Chris Taylor are designated as keepers on two different teams but neither show up on the report correctly. Ideas??

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    Ok, I figured this one out on my own. The players that were missing from the keepers on the CDG were mostly OF and when I checked the team rosters, they were mistakingly listed as P. This only seemed to happen with OF. Once I corrected their Position, they were marked correctly.


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      Yes, that's an annoying glitch that you need to watch for in your setup.