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  • Maintenance on Forums?

    Just curious why the forums were down yesterday...were the tech guys doing general maintenance/updating?

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    So, how did you all spend your day yesterday? I saw the stock market was up yesterday... obviously due to greater workplace productivity from our forum members who were forced to actually focus on their day jobs yesterday.

    Seriously, our apologies for the interruption. Our web site provider was doing some maintenance Sunday night/Monday morning, and the forums did not come back online after that maintenance. We weren't able to get the mess cleaned up until Monday night. Everything's back now, no loss of data etc.


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      Laughing, yes, just when I was ready to actually nose around the boards instead of respond to some of the 2000+ unread emails in my inbox at work, I found the link to the forums taking me back to the baseballhq home page. Pretty sure my resultant uptick in workplace productivity did nothing for the stock market, being with a non-profit, but did reluctantly go back to work...