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  • Daily Roster/Projection Tool?

    Hi, all -

    I am a new subscriber and 100% new to fantasy baseball. I am currently in a "standard" H2H Categories league (5x5) on ESPN. I am still getting acclimated to the basic mechanics of fantasy baseball, as well as BHQ, but am enthralled by how much there is to learn. With that said, I have a pretty elementary question:

    Regarding setting daily lineups, is there a "daily projections"/daily rankings tool on BHQ to assist with daily lineups and who to start/sit? I have three bench spots and am not sure how to go about selecting who to start and sit when setting my lineups.

    In terms of who to add/drop from a season-long perspective, the Stats and Projections have been my guide thus far. However, I'm not sure if this tool will also be applicable for daily match-ups and decisions.

    Again, with this being my first exposure to fantasy baseball, I could be way off the mark and this may not be the way to go about setting lineups.

    I appreciate any help and insight.

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    First of all, welcome! Glad you have you here.

    Secondly, yes, there's a lot to digest at HQ. Don't feel intimidated.

    Here are some links to get you started: the first one is our daily SP report:

    Then we have the Daily Dashboard:

    But note this thread: / @NickRichardsHQ