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  • Mack to CDG

    Participating in a slow auction. I just added several players who have been purchased to the MACK league, loaded the league into the CDG, checked the keeper boxes, and generated the values. I have been doing this all along to monitor inflation and track players who have been taken. All has been working well.

    For some reason this time the pitching is all out of whack. The remaining pitchers who should have more value are now at the bottom of the list and those who previously had negative value have moved to the top. I did not change any of the settings from the last time I ran the CDG. Wondering if anyone has experienced this and/or has any idea about what I should do. Thanks for the help.

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    When I 'un-check' the Keeper button then the pitchers are back where they should be on the CDG.


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      Answered your question sent to customer service. See if that helps.