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  • Saves/Holds = 100%

    Ray - When do you think you will have saves and holds for each team allocated at 100%? As an example for the Pirates you are only at 83% under the holds category. I also question the amount of holds you have allocated for set up man Tony Watson. I am not necessarily a Pirates fan but he earned 38 holds last year and this year you have him at 25% getting only 20 holds. I understand that Neftali Feliz is a part of the team this year and you do have him allocated for 10% saves but 20 holds seems light given that he will see the 8th inning of most every game they are leading at that stage. Thank you.

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    We'll take a good pass at those immediately. We may still be over-allocating until rosters get cut down, but it's pretty unusual that we would underallocate. I'll look into that.

    That said, holds spread out more widely than you'd think, and our projections reflect that. Only 10 guys in the majors had more than 25 holds last year; only 20 had more than 20. Watson was a stud in that area, obviously. But I'm not sure I'd pencil him in for 40 again.

    Will get the review done, though. Thanks for the heads-up.