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    When I click on adp to sort it that way, the first 100 guys +- are scrubs who don't even have an adp?

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    Welcome to the forums! I hope you're enjoying the website.

    It sounds to me like you probably are in the batters or pitchers projection file and are viewing it in HTML format. When I clicked on the column header ADP, I also saw guys listed where the field was blank but after that the players were listed in descending order starting with Mike Trout and Paul Goldschmidt. You just needed to page down a bit.

    If you are familiar with Excel or another spreadsheet program, you can use the CSV version of the data and have more flexibility with the formatting.

    Keep in mind that the ADP is from NFBC data for 15-team mixed-league 5x5 formats. If you play in a different format, the data will be less relevant to your situation. Make sure you explore the Custom Draft Guide (under Stats and Tools) to generate dollar valuations for your particular format.
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      If you sort least to most value, a blank field returns as least. These are guys who dont have an ADP because they werent picked anywhere. Just delete those rows until you come to #1 in adp and start there. Its a function of excel or html sorting logic