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How to get weekly player rankings?

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  • How to get weekly player rankings?

    Hi - I wasn't sure where to post, but would welcome any advice. I love BHQ and will be a customer for a long time. With that said, I miss one feature that would make this my single source for all fantasy baseball information... weekly player rankings (i.e., The top Starting Pitchers for the week, the top starting outfielders for the week, etc...). Could I do my own analysis and come up with that list based on my current rosters? You bet... but it takes more time than I currently have to do it correctly every week. There isn't any tools on the website that do this, nor custom sorts in MACK that I am missing correct? Assuming not, I will continue to use the weekly planner, and make my own observations on what hitters and pitchers to start weekly, but I wanted to be sure the feature that I am looking for is not possible elsewhere on the sight.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Seems like the Weekly Planner would be the place to start -- though it gives more team-specific matchup information, rather than specific players. If I understand your query, I think that would save you some time each week.

    But as far as weekly rankings -- no, that's something we don't specifically provide at this time.


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      Thanks Brent, that's the answer I suspected... It doesn't hurt to ask though