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    1. Is there a way to limit the number of players that appear on the report? My 14 team league only uses one catcher so I really don't need to see the stats for 75+ players.

    2. The guide suggests copying the results and pasting them into Excel. For someone who simply isn't very good with computers, what's the easiest way to "copy" lots of data?


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    highlight the data you want to copy
    click control key and A at same time (selects all)
    then click control key and C at same time (copies all)
    then click in excel box where you want to start paste and click control key and V at same time
    League 1: 5 x 5 std, 15-team mixed, $260 auction,14 hitters (2 C, 2U, the rest std), 9 pitchers (no defined roles, 950 inn. min, no max), 6 bench, 8 keepers, $100 FAAB Budget, league champ '05, '15, '17!


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      All of the players always appear in the report. There is a break inserted at the $0 level relative to your league, so you can always choose to not copy the negative players. The positively-valued players will always equal the number you need to fill your league's rosters.

      And if copy/paste isn't working, the CSV export option will generate a file that you can open in Excel. Then you can format, chop, etc., to your heart's content.