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  • Cdg-grid

    I printed out a grid for my mixed league auction for 13 teams. I also printed out one for a 12 team league incase an owner drops out and I noticed certain guys changed spots in a rankings. For example Pedroia was more valuable then Kinsler in a 13 team league but that was switched in the 12 team league and the same goes for Sandoval and David Wright. Is it certain stats that are weighing in as more valuable in the bigger league that is changing these guys rankings?

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    There will be subtle differences in valuation as league size differs, because the baseline performance that sets the valuations may change. For instance, in a 13-team league the last guy with positive value may have 2 SB. Then the valuation method is basically sets everyone's value based on how much better they are than that last player (on a category-by-category basis). If you shrink the league size, maybe the last guy used for the baseline now has 3 or 4 SB instead of 2. That affects the value of every SB in the pool as a result, and can trigger this kind of shuffling.

    If you get out of grid view and look at the dollar values, the net shuffle is probably less than a dollar in each case. But yeah, some wiggling of the values will happen any time you change a CDG parameter.


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      Are there any "standard" changes to the category values in CDG that better reflect 5x5 roto values? I know I've heard that some people lower the value of SBs and Saves, but I'd like to use the most common tweaks instead of experimenting. Draft tonight, so quick help is appreciated!


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        Kind of depends on your league culture. If it's 12 teams or less, I'd definitely be using "top players" mode.