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    In this week's chat in USA Today, Ron said he would drop Brett Myers for Jordan Zimmerman. Yet, on the HQ Web site the current dollar value for Myers is $17 while Zimmerman is $8. As a disappointed owner of Myers, this mixed message is not helpful. What accounts for this big inconsistency.

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    Their ERA/WHIP projections are pretty close. The large difference in projected $$ is nostly due to a big gap in Wins... and we know those are tough to project.

    Personally, I'd disagree with Ron and hold Myers, but the fact that the projected difference is rooted in Wins does soften the $$ gap.


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      Understand that everything is context. The writer was looking to "mix things up", and given the strength of the rest of his rotation, the best "mix" option was flipping Zimmerman for Myers.
      "Inside every cynical person, there is a disappointed idealist." -- George Carlin