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  • Ballparks

    I was taking a look at Ballpark Factors and hoping someone could explain some of the Parks listed.

    1- Phl has a 22% for both Right and Left handed hitters to hit HRs. So, if there is 22% of more HRs then the avg field why isn't Runs scored increased at all? It looks like all the other HR parks also have increased Runs, but not Phl.

    2- SF has a disadv. for HR and Ks, but yet scoring is not decreased at all? It just doesn't click what I am missing here?

    Thanks for any help.

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    I don't have the raw data in front of me, but my hypothesis would be that runs can remain neutral while HR are way up or down... more gappers/xBH in SF make up for the difference, fewer in PHI.

    Also, the park may not be totally neutral for runs even if it's uncolored on the chart, just means it's +/- 4% or less.


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      Thanks for the help, but what does xBH mean?

      It makes some sense to me why a park which decreases HR may remain neutral (maybe more doubles, triples, walks, less Ks, etc), but I still can't wrap my simple brain around the concept of Phl's park. If it hits more HRs (22%, which is a pretty good amount), a HR is an immediate Run, how is the Runs not going up?

      Wait a minute, something just clicked, I think I might have it now. Let me run this by you - the only way Runs won't go up would be Phl park actually decreases Runs scored, if it didn't increase HRs, right?

      Thanks again.


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        xBH= extra base hits. And yeah, we're basically saying the same thing now.