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    In the article about 2009 SGP Denominators (which listed only denominators for AL and NL seperately), it says:

    "If you are in a mixed-league, you can still get a good estimate of player value from these equations, but you may need to slightly increase each denominator. "

    Is there a good rule of thumb for this "slight" increase for mixed leagues (like a percentage)? And are you increasing whichever denominator (AL or NL) is largest, or are you averaging them first? Somebody told me to average the AL and NL denominators and then increase them by 20%, but I'm not sure that's right. Could you give a second opinion on this?

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    How big is your mixed league, Kapler? If you do a forum search, you might find good data. I'm pretty sure I've seen mixed 12- and 15-team ADPs buried here in the forums.

    I don't have a rule of thumb about converting AL/NL only to mixed, I'm afraid. But perhaps someone else here does...