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    My question is this:

    Are the projections of the established players -- i.e., David Wright, Albert Pujols, Ryan Howard, et. al. -- set between now and the start of the season, barring injury? Or are they still fluid?

    In other words, can I count on the projections of established veterans staying static while the more marginal players, such as rookies, changing while playing time and roster inclusion is sorted out?

    Or another way to put it, how many players projections will change from, say, next Wednesday until the start of the season?

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    The player projections are always fluid, for all players, all the time. Even among the established commodities, there may be lesser players who look good in camp who might push them for a dozen ABs or IPs or so, at any time. Our team analysts review the playing time allocations on a daily basis (and you can follow along on the team depth charts), and the performance baselines are reviewed no less than once weekly.

    The best you can do is pick a time, and take a snapshot.
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